Can’t say the Blog writing is going as planned!!

February, March and nearly April have passed in a bit of a blur of birthdays, Hockey tournaments, walks and crochet.

We managed to meet up with my Sister, Nephew & Niece over the February half term on a trip out to Charlecote Park on a chilly but very sunny spring day (http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/charlecote-park). I think this year will be mapped out by visits to National Trust houses!

IMG_2470 IMG_2476


We had a lovely wander around the house and parkland, daffodils and crocuses poking their heads through the grass.


Lots of lovely pots filled with spring flowers outside the restaurant.

We also managed to locate two more geocaches which added to our running total, J was very good at spotting one of them hiding behind a hedge.


Easter Holidays

During the Easter holidays we headed for our favourite local NT property Calke Abbey (http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/calke-abbey) to walk the dogs in the beautiful parkland.


We took a slightly different route to our usual one and headed off down the main drive to the lime kilns, next time we go (which is quite often) I’ll take a few photos as it really is a hidden treasure.


Later in the week we met up with my little Sister and Nephew at Croft Castle, Herefordshire (http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/croft-castle-and-parkland). Another cold and sunny day but great weather to do an Easter trail even if we were a week late!



Really like the patterns within this path and trying to think of ways to incorporate it into the garden at home, I’m sure I’ve got a bag of large pebbles somewhere and definitely have lots of old bricks lying around at the back of the garden.



Croft castle has a great woodland play area, suited more to older children but E still found it fun to climb on logs and run through the living willow tunnel, this will be great in the summer when the leaves are on. There were 3 tyre swings hanging from trees which were very popular with my older two.

There are several walks around the parkland of differing lengths and difficulties, we didn’t wander too far on this occasion mainly due to the mud! one to return to in the summer I think….



Lots of lovely new crochet patterns have found their way into my in-box from some brilliant designers. I’ve been concentrating on adding to the sandals and beach shoes available from Up in the Far Away Tree and have found some lovely patterns by Matilda’s Meadow (https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/matildasmeadow?ref=l2-shopheader-name) Inventorium (: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Inventorium?ref=l2-shopheader-name) and Crochet Baby Boutique (: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CrochetBabyBoutique)

Striped Beach Shoes, Crochet loafers, Newborn to 6-12 months - MADE To ORDER

There are so many lovely patterns available and such a great excuse to buy more yarn in lovely bright summer colours which remind me so much of brightly painted beach huts and ice cream. I have several newly acquired skeins of yarn waiting to made into summer beach shoes and sandals in mint, bright pink, sunshine yellow and denim blue. The beach shoes are available in both my Etsy and Folksy shops.

I did make a restart on a granny square blanket for the living room but that has stalled again, it’s one of those projects that I pick up now and again when I’m not busy making things for Up in the Far Away Tree. I was inspired by a blanket made by Little Tin Bird (http://www.littletinbird.co.uk ) I love the colours and the way four granny squares are joined together to make one larger square.

I love how the small squares are grouped in clusters and bordered before joining into the blanket.:

The Picture above is of Little Tin Birds blanket

Here’s how my blanket is progressing




from lots of small squares to…first stage joining.


I think the next round will be in lime green or maybe purple…? decisions, decisions





New Years Day

Well we didn’t quite make it into the Peak District on Tuesday as planned as we had a lovely surprise visit from my Sister, Brother in Law and Nephew. You forget very quickly what it’s like to have toddlers in the house, Christmas tree decorations ended up in the most surprising places and the boys cars, helicopters and spaceships, which had sat unused in a box for quite a few years were played with again.

We did however manage a day out and a lovely long walk on New Years Day. This year we ended up at Hardwick Hall, we have several favourite National Trust houses that we like to visit to walk the dogs and this is one of them.


It was quite a dull day but out of the wind it wasn’t that cold and when you’ve walked a few miles you soon warm up. It was very muddy and the dogs loved it


We had a quick lunch in the Old Barn restaurant, homemade Mushroom & Watercress Soup and a roll, Yum!


The blown down tree on the right of the picture has been made into a climbing tree with a scramble net.



Definitely needed walking boots or wellies but that’s part of the fun of a winter walk


There were some great views and we hardly met a sole




It took us just over 2 hours to walk round the parkland and we made it back to the house just before it became too dark to see. We followed this route but started at number 3 Harwick Hall Estate Walk, it would have taken less time in dry conditions, we had to navigate a few bogs and we became skilled at staying on our feet while sliding through mud! There are also cattle and sheep along the route and so our dogs stayed on their leads.

We finished with the obligatory cup of tea and cake, unfortunately didn’t get any pictures as they disappeared too quickly! a great end to a great day out



New Year Resolution

So I have finally decided to write a blog! I’m not sure how I’ll get on & if my posting on Facebook is anything to go by posts maybe quite few & far between, but I’ve decided this is my New Year Resolution, to become more organised and share some thoughts and pictures from behind Up in the Far Away Tree

As I write, I’m sat on the sofa in my living room surrounded by the beginnings of a chunky granny square blanket inspired by Little Tin Bird’s gorgeous creation.

I’m having a little rest from making items for Up in the Far Away Tree and indulging in a bit of me crochet for a change. I’ve been meaning to make a blanket for the  living room for a long time now, one that it is big enough for us to snuggle down under when it’s chilly outside, although typically it’s really mild at the moment and feels more like Spring than Winter. We’ve not had an excuse to light the fire for quite a while now.

In order to prize the children away from their electronic devices we’re planning on taking the dogs for a good long walk in Derbyshire tomorrow, and maybe sneak a bit of geocaching in if we can. Will hopefully post some pictures

Well that’s quite a good start, need to get back to granny square heaven now