New Year Resolution

So I have finally decided to write a blog! I’m not sure how I’ll get on & if my posting on Facebook is anything to go by posts maybe quite few & far between, but I’ve decided this is my New Year Resolution, to become more organised and share some thoughts and pictures from behind Up in the Far Away Tree

As I write, I’m sat on the sofa in my living room surrounded by the beginnings of a chunky granny square blanket inspired by Little Tin Bird’s gorgeous creation.

I’m having a little rest from making items for Up in the Far Away Tree and indulging in a bit of me crochet for a change. I’ve been meaning to make a blanket for the ¬†living room for a long time now, one that it is big enough for us to snuggle down under when it’s chilly outside, although typically it’s really mild at the moment and feels more like Spring than Winter. We’ve not had an excuse to light the fire for quite a while now.

In order to prize the children away from their electronic devices¬†we’re planning on taking the dogs for a good long walk in Derbyshire tomorrow, and maybe sneak a bit of geocaching in if we can. Will hopefully post some pictures

Well that’s quite a good start, need to get back to granny square heaven now